Updates Monday, Wednesday & Friday

This goes out to those who have just recently become parents (again)! You know who you are – congrats on the newest additions to your families!

I really, really, really hate to do this, but in the interest of keeping my sanity I most likely won’t be updating Earth to Chad this week. The pressures of real life are weighing down on me, and trying to keep comic strip deadlines is only adding to my stress. My plan is to take this week to sort things out and (hopefully) build up a buffer of comics to help me deal with the coming weeks – where I’ll be both job-hunting and moving everything my wife and I own several states to the north.

I really love what I’ve started with Earth to Chad, and I’m immensely grateful toward all of you for hanging on through this first month and a half, and for spreading the word to everyone you know. The most important thing for me is that this comic be enjoyable to read every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and for that to happen I need to enjoy writing and drawing it. At this moment I don’t feel I can produce the top-quality work that you deserve.

However, I also realize I can’t leave you hanging, or you’ll head for greener pastures… or at least for more regular comic strips. So here’s the deal: My current plan is to take the mental break I need this week and sort out the job/home/webcomic situation and return to you next Monday with a real comic strip. Not a comic from my archives, or a sketchbook entry, or some doodle from the back of a wet bar napkin, but a real comic. There are a few alternatives however, and I’d be interested to know what you think. I’ll list some options here, and you can email me, or write a comment, or get in touch however you like and let me know what you’d like to see from Earth to Chad.

1) I take my mental break and return with fresh comics in (hopefully) a week.
2) I take my break, but continue to update this week with doodles off the backs of wet bar napkins. (a good idea for a new site??)
3) Change Earth to Chad’s schedule to Tuesday/Thursday for the time being while I worry about things like finding a proper job and residence.

Again, I thank you all so much for your support, and believe me when I say that your suggestions, encouragement, and kind words all go much farther than you can imagine.


Whew, another week gone by. I’m not sure why, but I felt very little motivation for anything this week. I’m ready to go sleep for a month.

The beer saga ends here for a while. I have plans to continue it, but I didn’t want to go off on a tangent for too long. I forsee Chad continuing to revisit the beer conundrum…

Sadly I’m running out of emoticons to make jokes about – today’s is called “prettiness,” it just looks weird if you ask me.

Hey everyone! I had intended to continue Friday’s storyline on Monday, but some things came up at home and I couldn’t crank out the strip I wanted to do. Rest assured we should be back on track by Wednesday. For now, enjoy some zombie doodles!